When I was last in Malawi (2006), I obviously had to spend time at the lake.

I spent some truly memorable moments at "Froggies" in Cape Maclear. I can really recommend this place which is run by a wonderful French lady who was always ready to take a special order (e.g. Irish Coffee for some muzungus from Blantyre).

Froggies in Cape Maclear

You can't go to Malawi and not see the lake. It's amazing!

Amazing Lake Malawi

With the most beautiful sunsets.

Sunset on the Shire river

The lake is just the place for a weary traveller to rest under a palm tree and ponder the meaning of life.

A man, a beach, a palm tree

And while you're busy contemplating the meaning of life you might just see a Fish Eagle making a catch.

African Fish Eagle with its catch

Once you've finished you contemplation, you can join the locals for a game Bau and a nice cold Carlsberg at Fat Monkey's in Cape Maclear.

Missing Photo

Another little bit of paradise in Malawi is Mulanje. The mountain is surrounded by coffee and tea plantations.

Mulanje mountain

Do any of you remember the Chomp advertisement? Well I think it would have fitted in his mouth. Some hippopotamus in the Shire river in Liwonde National Park.

Hippopotamus in the Shire river

My cook, Eldi, with another scrumptious meal. He had this little black book with all his recipes, which I should have copied before I left.

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