This page contains some of my old Namibia photos. I also created a separate page with (newer) photos from our 2010 Namibia holiday.

The "Jetty" at Swakopmund. An amazing piece of German engineering that is unfortunately slowly disappearing despite various efforts to save it.

The first wooden jetty, completed in 1905, was damaged by borer worm Teredo navalis and construction of iron jetty began in 1911. Proposed length of 640 metres was enough to offload vessels without usage of smaller boats but by the beginning of World War 1 only 262 meters were completed. First repairs were done in 1986 and now the second replacement of badly corroded iron structures (the site was closed for pedestrians in 1998) is under way.

The "Jetty" at Swakopmund

The Khomas Hochland just outside of Windhoek. It seams to go on forever.

Khomas Hochland

Some friends (Jack Wright in the front and Eugene Marais in the back) climbing the dunes in the Kuiseb river mouth close to Walvis Bay.

Kuiseb river mouth close to Walvis Bay

The road to nowhere! If you turned around it looked exactly the same! This was close to Walvis Bay.

The road to nowhere!

The great explorer! Somewhere along the road to Walvis Bay.

The great explorer!

The famous Dune 7 just outside of Walvis Bay.

Dune 7

The Namib. The oldest desert in the world and the only desert on the western coast of a continent. If you look carefully, you can just make out the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

The Namib