South Africa: Pilanesberg (26th of April 2009)

These are pictures from our visit to Pilanesberg Nature Reserve. It is about an hours drive North of Hartbeespoort, and worth a visit or even a stay over at one of the lodges or camping sites (See Favourite Places).

We stopped along the way to appreciate a beautiful Africa sunrise.

On the way to Pilansberg

Here's the gang (Jenny, Caitlin, and Caitlin 2) is trying to spot the sunrise with their binoculars.

On the way to Pilansberg

We spent some time to observe two Springbok rams fighting for dominance.

Pilansberg: Springbok duel

A water lily with its reflection. Would have been better if I got the full reflection, but alas I did not think about it at the time.

Pilansberg: Water lily

A Pied Kingfisher looking out for its lunch. It finally got it (See Wildlife under Portfolio).

Pilansberg: Pied Kingfisher

"Here's looking at you kid." A curious giraffe we encountered along the way.

Pilansberg: Giraffe

The great explorer look for the next target for his camera. The colours of the autumn leaves where stunning. (Photo by Jenny)


Stopping for a well deserved picnic in the park. My women has to be fed regularly otherwise they become very unruly.

The two intrepid explorers spent some time exploring and posing for photo's.

(Bottom photo by Jenny)

Pilansberg: Picnic
Pilansberg: Picnic

I still need to identify this lizard which shared our picnic spot.

Pilansberg: Lizard

This fella was merrily chomping away, totally undisturbed by the tourists less than 5m away. I'm sure all women wish they had eyebrows like an elephant.

Pilansberg: Elephant up close

A panoramic view of the Mankwe Dam at the centre of the Pilansberg game reserve.

Pilansberg: Mankwe Dam

A mother Rhino with her two infants, far in the distance. You can see just the ears of the second one.

Pilansberg: Rino