South Africa: Knysna (19th to 25th of December 2012)

We spent a lovely Christmas holiday with Jenny's brother and his family on Thesen Island in Knysna.

Our humble abode while staying on Thesen Island.

At the top is the view from the front, and below is the view from the porch. The last photo is the separate unit at the back where we stayed.

It was a wonderful place with everything you needed for a holiday.

Knysna: Thesen Island acommodation
Knysna: Thesen Island acommodation
Knysna: Thesen Island acommodation

Our main form of transport.

Knysna: Raymond's boat

Even Father Christmas had to adjust his means of transport.

Knysna: Father Christmas on a boat

Of course everyone had to go kayaking in the canal. Just don't understand why the men had to do all the rowing!?

Knysna: Jenny and I kayaking
Knysna: Tarquin and Bridget kayaking
Knysna: Caitlin and I kayaking

... and everyone had to take a turn on the tube. What a lot of fun!

Knysna: Caitlin and Chad tube on the lagoon
Knysna: Jenny and I tube on the lagoon
Knysna: Tarquin and Bridget tube on the lagoon

We went looking looking for the best spot to lazy in the sun almost everyday. What bliss.

Knysna: Setting up for another sunbathing session

Then there were many attempts at fishing. Raymond looking all serious and Caitlin wondering where all the fish went.

Knysna: Raymond fishing in the lagoon
Knysna: Caitling trying to see where the fish went

The kids just wanted to have some fun in the sun, and they had plenty of opportunities for that.

Knysna: Chad playing in the lagoon

... and if the adults did not want to go to the lagoon, the kids played in the pool at home.

Knysna: Caitlin and Chad in the pool

The older children had some good fun on the wakeboard and some interesting splashes.

Knysna: Tarquin wakeboarding on the lagoon
Knysna: Tarquin wakeboarding on the lagoon

My lovely girls (although the one's face does not look so lovely in this picture), just chilling in the lagoon.

Knysna: Me and my girls

And then there is of course the eating. We did lots of that! The Thesen Island Waterfront had loads of restaurants to cater for every discerning holiday goer's taste.

This is the gang enjoying breakfast at the Ile de Pain restaurant. Those chocolate croissants were just out of this world!

Knysna: Ile de Pain restaurant

We came across some interesting characters on the Thesen Island Waterfront. There was "Ramon", the plantation owner and his off-spring, "Junior", and flower-power, skater dude "Cool-quin".

Knysna: "<em>Ramon,</em>" the plantation owner and his off-spring, "<em>Junior</em>"
Knysna: Flower-power, skater dude "<em>Cool-quin</em>"

We went for a drive in the mountains behind wilderness and stopped to go and see the Big Tree. Is is very big!

The tree is a Podocarpus Falcatus or Outeniqua Yellowwood, and is estimated to be 800 years old. It is 33m tall and has a circumference of 12m.

We did a bit of a walk-about in the forest and my wife caught this intrepid photographer in his natural habitat.

Wilderness: Caitlin and Jenny at the Big Tree
Wilderness: A walk in the forest

The gang at the world's end. No, not the one from the Pirates of the Caribbean, but rather the Knysna Heads.

Knysna: Knysna Heads (Raymond, Chad, Caitlin, Tarquin, and I)

Caitlin holding the Knysna Heads in her hand.

Knysna: Knysna Heads in my hand

There is also the "Wild Oats" market every Saturday in Wilderness, where al the locals come to sell the wares. We can really recommend it.

We were entertained by a real Cape Town music ensemble.

Wilderness: Wild Oats Market entertainment

All set for Christmas lunch, and what a lunch it was! Raymond should enter Master Chef.

Knysna: Christmas lunch

Some of the local wild life. Egyptian geese and a Grey Heron.

Knysna: Egyptian Geese
Knysna: Grey Heron

Just some photo's of interesting stuff.

Knysna: Reflections
Knysna: Reflections
Knysna: Abstract