South Africa: Mystic Monkeys & Feathers (8th of December 2013)

On the way back from Monate Conservation Lodge we stopped at Mystic Monkeys & Feathers Wildlife Park, which is between Bela-Bela (Warm Baths) and Pretoria. For more information go to their web site.

I generally do not like zoo kind of setups, but I must say that they do provide lots of space for the animals. Still not the same as being free in the wild.

Meeting up with the family. This monkey made a beeline for me when we arrived. She ignored everyone else in our group and made quite a fuss when I had to leave.

Unfortunately I did not make a note of what kind of monkey it was.

Mystic Monkeys: Meeting the family

A very cute little fox from North Africa, the Fennec Fox.

Mystic Monkeys: Fennec Fox

Our closest relatives according some. The Chimpanzees were very active and playful, especially when the food arrived.

Mystic Monkeys: Chimpanzees

A Bengal Tiger. What a gorgeous animal.

It is massive and you could just see the grace and power.

Mystic Monkeys: Bengal Tiger
The very colorful Mandrill monkey. Mystic Monkeys: Mandrill monkey
They had white lions. Very beautiful creatures. Mystic Monkeys: White lion
And off course the big daddy of them all, Alex. Mystic Monkeys: Alex, the lion
A big surprise was the white tigers. Very beautiful! Mystic Monkeys: White tiger
They had a couple of Blue Cranes (our national bird) walking around. Mystic Monkeys: Blue Cranes
Caitlin had the most fun of all, when she had the chance to hold a Bengal Tiger cub. Mystic Monkeys: Caitlin and a Bengal Tiger cub