Ray Tracing

Wikipedia Encyclopedia describes Ray Tracings as follows: "Ray tracing is a general technique from geometrical optics of modelling the path taken by light by following rays of light as they interact with optical surfaces. It is used in the design of optical systems, such as camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes and binoculars. The term is also applied to mean a specific rendering algorithmic approach in 3D computer graphics, where mathematically-modelled visualisations of programmed scenes are produced using a technique which follows rays from the eye point outward, rather than originating at the light sources. It produces results similar to ray casting and scan line rendering, but facilitates more advanced optical effects, such as accurate simulations of reflection and refraction, and is still efficient enough to frequently be of practical use when such high quality output is sought."

Well that is the technical description. My description is that you basically describe a world (with objects, lights, fog, textures, etc.) and then get the computer to generate the world you described. Is it art? Well a lot of people seems to think so and you can undo and not get paint all over you. It still takes a lot of time and frustration, but is very satisfying when you finally get it just right. Here are some of the scenes I've created.


(Moray 3.5 and POV-Ray 3.7)



(Moray 3.5 and POV-Ray 3.7)



(Moray 3.5 and POV-Ray 3.7)


"Space & Time"

(Moray 3.5 and POV-Ray 3.7)

Space & Time