Special Events: Caitlin's Birthday (2nd of August 2009)

The first friend arrives and poses at the Happy Birthday sign, which dad slaved over.

The first arrival

All present and accounted for ... let the party begin.


Time for the age old ritual of blowing out the birthday candles. (Photo Gerhard Engelbrecht)

Time to blow out the candles

It was a cold night and we had the fireplace roaring. Obviously the girls thought that this was the ideal place to fry some marshmallows. This was done under close supervision and quite safe, with the exception of being poked by a stick on occasion.

Frying marshmallows

It was Caitlin's request to have a sleepover for her birthday. Here everyone is snug and cozy, ready to drift of to a peaceful sleep while watching videos.

We stored them all far, far away from our bedroom so that we could have some sleep too.


The next morning, and the day of the actual Birthday, so it's time to open all those presents we have been burning to open.

Present opening

To wrap up the celebrations, the girls had breakfast and then all the friends said their goodbyes. Caitlin thoroughly enjoyed the sleepover.

Now operation cleanup commenced ...

Birthday breakfast