Special Events: Countdown to the Wedding

12th of May 2007

Our first meeting place, as you could have guessed, a coffee shop! The local House of Coffees in Hartbeespoort. This quickly became our regular hangout and still is today.

Wedding Countdown: House of Coffees
9th of June 2007

After almost a month I finally convinced her to go out on a dinner date with me. It was a lovely evening, with the exception that the waiter did not know the difference between sherry and a cherry.

Wedding Countdown: Piatto
16th of June 2007

Then came the day that I finally met Caitlin (Apparently she practiced my name the whole way from Harties to Fourways). After movies and lunch, I new that if I want to steal the mom's heart I'll have to charm the daughter.

Wedding Countdown  Wedding Countdown
16th of June 2007

After the first kiss and and a concert (Louise Carver), it was time for our first weekend away. I packed the whole lot up and off we went to Thabana Lodge.

We had a wonderful weekend and came back without driving each other up the walls.

Things were looking positive, and there was a chance that this might actually last.

Wedding Countdown
14th of September 2007

Getting bolder by the moment, I decided to take Jenny on her first overseas trip, and no this was not to Robben Island. We went to visit some very good friends of mine in Slovakia and swung through Austria while we were there. The only thing that I did not take into account, was Jenny trying to conquer Europe while we were there. "Now where do I light this thing again!?"

What a magnificent trip and we thoroughly enjoyed it and spending time together. By this time it was clear to both of us that we are meant to be together.

Wedding Countdown
20th of December 2007

Then it was finally time to meet the parents! That is now my parents.

We both wondered how the meeting between the English Rose and my Afrikaans parents will go down, but in the end Caitlin sorted it all out for both of us, by stealing my parents hearts.

Wedding Countdown
19th of July 2008

Then the day finally came. We went for a romantic cruise on a catamaran through the Knysna Heads. This turned into a mad dash to try and catch some whales. Unfortunately no whales, which would have made it really perfect, but I finally decided to pop the question.

I was a bit surprised by the first answer "Are you sure!?', but I persisted and she said "YES!"

Wedding Countdown
27th of July 2008

Having asked the question did not however end things. I still had to ask her parents and we had to keep the engagement a secret until I had the opportunity. Now you all know that asking a women to keep a secret is like expecting flowers not to bloom in the spring time.

After an excruciating week for Jenny, Jenny's Dad was away on a trip, I finally got the opportunity to ask her dad, very hurriedly, and he gave his blessing.

Off we went in search of an engagement ring and after weighing up the pros and cons of ring versus honeymoon, Jenny finally made her choice.

Wedding Countdown
31st of January 2009

Now started all the various activities which precedes a wedding of which the most important was deciding on the actual date. After lots of debate we finally settled on the 4th of April 2009. This was to prove the right choice for a multitude of reasons.

The next obstacle was deciding on the venue for the wedding reception, but this was quickly narrowed down to Stef's Table in Harties.

Finally we could get the invitations out!

Wedding Countdown
14th of February 2009

Instead of having the standard kitchen tea, Jenny decided to invite all her girlfriends for a Belly Dancing Workshop. In a spurt of creativity she wrote the poem we used for the invitation. With a little bit of creative input from my side we quickly put together an invitation to this special event.

Wedding Countdown
4th of April 2009

The BIG day!!

I was absolutely speechless when I saw my gorgeous bride! So much so that I got the vows wrong the first time round! (Photo by Kallie Engelbrecht)

See Wedding Pictures for more photos.

Wedding Countdown
5th of April 2009

And what a honeymoon!! See Mauritius under Countries Visited for more photos.

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